The Sims 4 Apparently Got Anti-Piracy System!

As a newly released game, it is no wonder that many gamers around the world are looking directly for pirated versions of The Sims 4. Even so, Maxis as the developer turned out to have a surprise in itself.

Yes, the surprise is intended for those who download and play The Sims 4 illegally. You who have played The Sims must have known that when your Sims to the toilet, there will be a kind of sensor pixel to cover certain body parts and get dragon ball z dokkan battle.

Well, when gamers play The Sims 4 pirated version, the sensor is enlarged to cover the entire screen! The result is gamers can not see clearly. What really sad, the hijackers who found the screen covered by censorship just got angry at The Sims 4 forum!
Maxis turned out to inject anti-piracy system into The Sims 4. Gamers who are caught will find their screen full of pixelated textures ..

As expected, EA and Maxis have predicted that The Sims 4 will experience massive piracy when released to the market. Even so, it turns out the strategy to close the screen with sensor pixels did not dampen the desire of the pirates to be able to break his protection and get zenie dragon ball z dokkan battle hack .

There is news that says that hackers have found a way that the Sims 4 pirated version they are not exposed to pixel sensor problems. But for the hijackers who lack information, get ready to deal with this hilarious anti-piracy system this one.

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