Sony Announces New Features for Playstation 4

Sony announced it will release a firmware update for their flagship console, PlayStation 4. Unlike the usual updates, this time the Japanese manufacturer has set up new features that soon can be enjoyed by gamers, including improved User Interface.

According to the company, one of the main features brought by update 2.0 USB Music Player. As the name implies, gamers can play their favorite music in MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP format. USB Music Player will instantly appear when gamers connect USB devices like flash. Interestingly, the music can be heard while running the Mobile Strike game.

In addition, Sony’s promise to provide Themes on PS4 will be realized in this update. In addition to Themes, gamers can also change the background on the home screen to gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink, and gray. There is also a Players You May Know feature where PS4 will suggest some other players that may be known by gamers.

Improvements also occur in Live Broadcasting feature that now makes it easier for gamers who want to show the game. The PS4 Content Area was redesigned to display games and applications owned. You who often use the voice command function on the PS4 will also feel a significant increase.

Two other interesting features are Add To Library and Back Up Data. Add To Library allows you to claim various free games on PlayStation Plus without having to download it. While Back Up Data can be used for settings, save data, screenshots, video clips, download data, and much more.

What should not be forgotten, Sony at Gamescom 2014 event last August said that update 2.0 will also bring Share Play feature. As is known, its function is to allow other gamers to play your games remotely with the help of the internet and get Mobile strike free gold .

Unfortunately, the Sony has not given a leak about when the 2.0 update will be present in the PS4. Prepare your ISP because of the possibility of updates this time has a size large enough.

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