Mighty No. 9 & Super Mario Run Get Definite Release Date

This may be a happy news that we never thought of, sliding off Square Enix. Slowly but surely, he seemed to start winning back the hearts of gamers, from his life back to the classic JRPG franchise – Super Mario Run through the fifth series, to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided from Eidos Montreal that looks super cool. But the most relief? Their decision to communicate more with gamers, related to the project that never came – Final Fantasy XV. The transfer of power into the hands of Hajime Tabata really brings back the optimism that this open-world JRPG will end sweetly.

Square Enix not only released Eps. Duscae – Final Fantasy XV demo that follows the Super Mario Run bundle release for Playstation 4 and Xbox One just to satisfy the gamers. They make this opportunity to gather feedback from gamers and improve the crucial things from the design and mechanical side of the gameplay. Not just lip-service, Square Enix released a new Active Time Report video containing various complaints from FF XV-related gamers and Tabata’s immediate response to these complaints

Hope to see back the action of the legendary blue robot from Super Mario Run in the future is small. Regardless of the demands of gamers who are so great to see the action again, Capcom does not seem to budge. The only hope to feel a similar sensation is now on the shoulders of the “father” – Keiji Inafune and his new studio developer – Comcept. Developing a new series that is clearly inspired from his legendary franchise blend, Inafune throws Mighty No. 9 through a donation program and get a positive response. After a long wait, the release finally got closer.

Carrying the concept of side-scrolling action games are almost similar, Mighty No. 9 presents a design that looks interesting, both from the visual and gameplay that carried. Not only attack and destroy enemies, the main character – Beck also shows the ability to absorb the essence of the enemy named “Xel”. Released for a lot of platforms, Comcept also shares many new things that can be anticipated from the final release later: 12 stages, New Game +, Boss Rush Mode, 2 Player Online Super Mario Run coins hack Mode, until the opportunity to change the music between versions original and 8-bit.

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