Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Usung Over The World Disney

When he first appeared in the gaming industry, he might sound like a strange project that would be hard to come true. A world that fades two great worlds that almost, have no common thread – Squaresoft (now SquareEnix) and Disney. That’s right, we’re talking about Kingdom Hearts. But who would have thought that the exact execution of the target, especially in terms of character, gameplay, and the design of the world that there are making many gamers fall in love. As more series, the more Disney world and characters you can meet in it. But Nomura does not seem to be concerned about quantity anymore, and is now more focused on quality and you can play NBA Live Mobile.

Speaking with the weekly Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Nomura publicly mentioned that it is likely that the Disney World 3 Kingdom Hearts 3 will be less than Kingdom Hearts 2. While still not announcing the new Disney world other than Toy Story and Big Hero 6, Ensuring that each of them will contain more content and larger size. Along with this information, Nomura shares some other details:

The Kingdom Hearts 3 team has actually been intent on adapting the Toy Story world since Kingdom Hearts 2. But there is so much negotiation they have to go before it can end in this third series.
Stories in the Toy Story world will take the story after Toy Story 2, with stories on the main timeline and not just a spin-off.
At the beginning of his arrival in the world, Sora was thought to be a new game character from the world of Toy Story itself
Riding and controlling the robot is an idea that was sent early in the development process by the Kingdom Hearts 3 development team
The development of the Big Hero 6 world runs smoothly, and the latest information associated with it will be released in the near future
The number of Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 will be less than the second series, but wider and denser
The number of cut-scenes in NBA Live Mobile Remake will be more than in Kingdom Hearts 3, and it takes a long time to work
Nomura mentioned that he currently does not head any game project in Square Enix, but he is involved in many projects, including those that have not been made public.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to be released in 2018 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One and get NBA Live Mobile coins , but still without a definite release date. How about you? Prefer which one, more Disney world but more narrow area of ​​the game? Or is it less world, but wider?

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