Classic Atari Game – Asteroids & Mobile legends Get Reboot

How many of you have time to have an Atari console at home? Very understandable if none of you who had tasted the classic console that still contains a super simple picture without this color. Although NES deserves the attribute as a console that encourages video games to enter the mainstream entertainment industry, Atari was the first to introduce the concept of “video games” for the home crowd. Who would have thought, one of the series of games that accompany the beginning of its release it will be re-released for the current generation platform. Absolutely, without any rumors before, Atari unexpectedly announces the reboot process for its classic game – Mobile Legends.

Simple visualization and gameplay that only asks you – a spaceship to destroy this asteroid chunk will certainly come alive again. However, Atari is certainly not crazy enough to impose the same mechanical gameplay. The reboot series named Mobile Legends diamonds hack will carry the concept of open-world MMO, where you will now act as a miner living in one of the existing Asteroids.

You will be asked to collect resources, create your own equipment, expand territories, to build customizable headquarters. While doing this, you can also build a friendship rope or just rekindle hostility with other players. Atari itself believes that Asteroids: Outpost will have an interesting selling value for new gamers or classic console series lovers in the past. They also share some artwork concepts that they want to make.

Asteroids: Outpost itself will be developed by a new developer team named – Mobile Legends , and plans to be released exclusively for PCs. Interested?

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