Titanfall: Assault Review

There are a fair number of first-rate individual shooters in the versatile, but all things considered, FPS big agencies on PC support and have not made progress for phones and tablets effectively if they are stuck for the same type or not. Titanfall: Assault is freed from Slough, guarding activity, character and other of some kind of interest from your drawing and apply it to a class that will not anticipate. Not too bad, there is solved by the brand for MOBA blend, tower protection and a collection of entertainment card components popularized by Clash Royale. Suffice it to state Read More

Payday: The FREE Original Heist on Steam Now!

Hotel General: The Death Penalty is the ideal benefit from the beginning. You received a note from the dear companion stating how he died, which never became enthusiastic news. He asks you to visit the Holy Mountain Hotel to explore the section, which seems a pretty perfect place, is not it? You realize what, scratching it. How do we call very evil murder inn, because precisely what this place is. His colleague no doubt knows how to choose his final resting place and get mobile legends hack . Hotel Level: The Death Penalty leaves you to the issue activities involved Read More

Beat Fever Review

There is a part of the fun that may confuse some players. For example, he uses limited vitality demonstrations and warnings for fun shopping that are hard to ignore at startup. However, this should be necessary with respect to the versatile entertainment allowed to play today (there are some things in life that are true and absolutely free). This is a revenue demonstration intended to annoy guardians and relatives of young players as well – once a person starts playing, do not be surprised by the opportunity to ask the hand to buy additional vitality consistently or two. Beating Fever Read More

Sony Announces New Features for Playstation 4

Sony announced it will release a firmware update for their flagship console, PlayStation 4. Unlike the usual updates, this time the Japanese manufacturer has set up new features that soon can be enjoyed by gamers, including improved User Interface. According to the company, one of the main features brought by update 2.0 USB Music Player. As the name implies, gamers can play their favorite music in MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP format. USB Music Player will instantly appear when gamers connect USB devices like flash. Interestingly, the music can be heard while running the Mobile Strike game. In addition, Sony’s Read More

Project Cars Delayed?

Almost most of the racing genre fans of course are waiting for Project Cars. Game developed by Slightly Mad Studios is indeed difficult to be rejected. A series of screenshots and trailers released over the past few months put Project Cars as one of the best visual racing games. Not only car variants are all presented with stunning details, but also weather effects, tracks, up to a variety of eco-friendly details that deserve to be thumbs up. For PC gamers, Project Cars even appear more special. Not only comes with optimal quality, it also becomes the answer of thirst for Read More

Dead Reckoning: Brassfield Manor Review

As a perversion of their protest with the hidden side of the murder? Death Reckoning: Brassfield Manor is a strange and eccentric title of easy task that will take you on the part of a spy investigator at the scene of the obscene death of a rich man’s home. Fun is something of a puzzle in a puzzle. You explored GTA 5 hack, died in the home again at their own hour. The truth is that Reginald will have a newborn baby killing meeting. The meeting included a variety of information and cliffs and puzzles, which are still dynamic and Read More

Hot Hands Review

After the continued success of Heads Up!, Expectations are high when words have spread for the first time that the host of the most beloved day celebrations of the English-speaking world published other mobile games, this time based on his popular Hot Hand play. There is a long time because of a sudden discussion (Super Trivia Challenge? The Logo game?) On the phone, and have fun with celebrities better than Ellen? Unfortunately, for all expectations and anticipation, Hot Hands fell flat. Although passengers, warm hands are not nearly as fun as live previews on The Ellen Show. Ellen brand will Read More

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